Starting with React

Well, I admit, I was kind of slacking these past few days, couldn’t help it…..I just got crazy over cooking XD. Anyway, starting React today finally, people on gitter convinced me its the right choice since I dont like Angular 😛 also, the jobs in my area are focused on React, so here we are.

I found great designs by the way, and I really want to make them from PSD to websites. Its becoming an addiction. I remember when I was avoiding CSS like a plague. Now I wield it with confidence and write it without any fear of getting stuck, cuz I know I will fix almost anything in a few minutes. Ok, maybe this was a bit arrogant but thats how I feel anyway.

So yeah, I am behind schedule cuz of new designs, but it will pay off in the end, I am sure (I hope XD).

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